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Color impacts us. It has a clear effect on our brains, our moods, and our appearance. There’s a reason why people don’t paint their bedrooms in bright colors — they’re too energizing. There’s a reason why banks tend to stick with cool neutrals in their interiors and on their websites — colors such as navy and white connote safety, respect, trustworthiness.

Not surprisingly, what you wear on a date or in your online dating profile photo can send a message about you. The right color can impact the other person. Or, at the very least, it can make you stand out. If you’ve followed this blog for some time, or you follow my tweets, you know I’m a fan of wearing COLOR on dates and in your online dating photos. By “color,” I mean a non-neutral (i.e. anything but gray, brown, beige, tan, etc). This is especially important for men, who tend to wear subtler colors and avoid anything ostentatious… but if they go too far they can look bland.

Take these photos I found of Ben Affleck:

imagesOverlooking the fact that these aren’t identical photos, can you see the impact when Ben wears the blue, in contrast to his neutral shirt? One pops; the other doesn’t.


Different Colors Make Different Impacts

Interestingly, once you actually put on a color, each sends a different psychological message. This infographic from eHarmony did a great job illustrating all of this. The infographic is too big to put here, so I will summarize its points:

  • Yellows/oranges are hopeful, fun, and energetic. But a little goes a long way, especially with yellow, a color many men don’t like.
  • Red: The color of passion and sensuality. Studies have shown that red attracts people of both sexes.
  • Green: In women, green connotes nature and calm. In men, wealth and status (this latter one is new to me and I’ll have to look into it). Overall green is a calming, “compassionate” color.
  • Blue is soothing and comforting, good for a first date.
  • Purple is associated with royalty and luxury, and can connote creativity and sensitivity.

And there are many colors that come from mixing these basic color wheel shades. So experiment with your dates and your online dating profile photos. See what kind of comments you get when you step up and wear color.



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