Online Dating, Attraction, and Race

  I haven’t spent much time discussing race in dating. For one, it hasn’t been a big issue in my single life or in my work as a dating expert. Which is not surprising, considering that I’m white, and race is a more salient issue for minorities. For another, race is a huge topic, one that’s difficult to address in even a series of articles. But after taking a gander over to OkCupid’s blog again and seeing that they’ve done an […]

Mobile Dating Apps: The Case for Tinder

These days, everyone’s dating online. In addition, more and more people are mobile dating, i.e. using their phones or other portable devices to find nearby singles. And probably one of the most well-known mobile dating apps is Tinder. Tinder allows you to sign up through Facebook and use your Facebook pics and a brief write-up as your profile. It searches for other singles in your area at any given time. Once it finds one, you have a choice to make: if you […]

Dating Season Begins in January!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s January, and you know what that means: it’s dating season. Yes, there really is such a thing. January and February are hot months for dating: coaches and matchmakers get more clients, online dating sites see more enrollees, and people in general are more motivated to get out there and find someone. There could be many reasons for this: New Year’s resolutions, escaping the winter doldrums, impending Valentine’s Day, or just being tired of seeing family […]

Online Dating Tips for Introverts

Online dating can be a different experience for introverts. On the one hand, the “putting yourself out there” and the making small talk with complete strangers can prove taxing to the introvert. On the other, online dating can be achieved from the quiet and comfort of your own home and involves only 1-on-1 communications, both of which favor the introvert. And, in the end, as I’ve said 100 times before, online dating is a useful vehicle to meet other singles you […]

8 Online Dating Success Stories

We’ve done a lot of talking about online dating here: how it works, how to succeed at it, why it’s tough, and even all the negative aspects of it. We’ve talked about all the various online dating sites and online methods for meeting people: big, well-known dating sites like Match, match-based sites like eHarmony, niche sites that match dog-lovers or Sci-fi nerds, app-based sites like Tinder, or even social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Well, it’s the holidays now, which […]

Online Dating: Do You Judge People By Their Email?

You know the drill when dating online: first you browse profiles, then you email. Email is the first real contact you have with other humans online, which makes it completely different than conventional dating. This can be an asset… or a liability. When you begin dating, your Judging Mind is fully operational: you’re looking at their appearance for signs of attraction (and lack of), you’re listening closely to what they say to check for signs of compatibility (or lack of), […]

Does Meeting Online Increase the Probability of Divorce?

So I’ve seen an article floating around Facebook and the internet the last couple of days. It’s entitled:   “Online Dating Leads to More Breakups than Meeting in Real Life” An academic conducted a study using a large, nationally representative sample of couples that were followed for a couple of years. They assesses the participants initially, then followed them up after 1 year and again at 2 years. And one of the factors they looked for is whether the couples […]

Zoosk Allows Online Daters to Prove Their Authenticity

For those of you who are dating online — and I know there are many of you — you probably know how it feels when you meet a potential date in person and they don’t quite look like the picture. Often they are: Older in person (i.e. they posted an old photo) Heavier in person (they posted a photo from when they were thinner) Less attractive in person (they posted a photo that’s over-glamorized or otherwise not a realistic portrayal […]

Achieving Online Dating Success: Does it Help to Avoid Gender Stereotypes?

So I’ve written many posts on OkCupid’s interesting data crunching, and their even more interesting results. Anyone can give you their opinion on what it takes to succeed in online dating; but offering up hard data… well, it doesn’t get much better than that, especially when the results aren’t what we expect. A friend sent me a great link on Twitter today. Wired magazine has crunched data from OkCupid and to come of with the things that create online […]

Online Dating: Can Shyness on a First Date Scare Men Away?

Dear Christie, I’ve been reading your books (and have many other dating advice in the last few years) but there’s one thing I don’t seem to find anyone mentioning. With online dating, the first date is the first time both sides meet. The advice says that if he sends that “Nice to meet you but…” text afterwards, move on. I’ve been happy and confident with myself to do that in the past. But two weekends ago, I had another first […]