Day 24: Your Inner Nerd: Love It, or Hate It?

Welcome to Day 24, Intellectual Badasses. I don’t know about you, but I say we move on from online dating for a while and finish out this campaign with some specific IB topics we haven’t covered yet. There are many Intellectual Badasses who, to varying degrees, fall into the Geek or Nerd category. Of course, if you search on the definition of either term, you will find there is NO consensus whatsoever. In my mind, Geek refers to all that’s […]

When it Comes to Dating, Do Women Have it Easier than Men?

The other day I was talking to male friend about dating, and we started talking about approaching women. Let’s face it: approaching an attractive stranger is about as tough as dating gets. Getting good at it is like getting your black belt in dating. But he said something interesting. He said that guys are under a lot of pressure to approach women, not knowing if the woman is going to be open to talking or not, and that women don’t […]