When He’s Not Ready for Commitment… With YOU

  You’ve heard the saying: It’s not that a man doesn’t want commitment. It’s that he’s doesn’t want to commit to YOU. Ouch, right? A punch to the gut. And sometimes a man isn’t ready for commitment, and there is no “right woman” for him if he’s not ready. Yet, more often than not, when a man stalls on moving forward with you, it’s because you aren’t the one for him. I see this situation a lot in my work with […]

Dating the Divorced Man: The Plight of the First Wife

On this blog, I have an entire category of articles entitled “Dating and Divorce.” These articles span various topics related to dating after a divorce, but most are devoted to a specialty area of mine: dating separated and divorced men. Many of the articles in that folder represent my most frequented and most commented articles. I published Dating the Divorced Man in 2007 and it’s now it its 2nd edition. Clearly, this is a topic many people can relate to. […]

Dating a Divorced Man: Signs His Ex isn’t Over Him

One of the most common concerns I hear from women dating divorced men is something relating to his ex. Perhaps she’s still in the picture. Or she’s not in the picture but she bugs you anyway. Or maybe she doesn’t like you, or uses the kids as pawns to manipulate your boyfriend, or he’s talking to her or helping her more often than you feel comfortable with. Many exes aren’t a problem. But when she is a problem, even a […]

Christie’s Digest: Amazon reviews, How To Pick up a Single Dad, and More…

Happy Thursday all! I just got done with Denver Comic Con last weekend. It was a BLAST… even more fun than last year, and I didn’t think that was possible! It doesn’t hurt that I sold all but 5 of my books 🙂 Here are a few new announcements:       Amazon Reviews First, the new edition of Dating the Divorced Man could use some more Amazon reviews! Reviews mean the world to me and to both past and future readers. […]

Is My Separated Man on the Rebound?

Whenever you see a friend or family member end a relationship or marriage and immediately get involved with someone new, what is your first thought? Rebound!   But What is Rebounding, Exactly? Rebounding occurs when the loss of a relationship creates a sizable void in your life, and you do what most people do when they encounter a void in their personal life: FILL IT. If you’re hungry, you crave food. If you’re thirsty, you crave water. And if you’ve suddenly lost a person […]

Friendship with the Ex, Part 2: How To Do It

  Recently I talked about whether or not friendship with an ex is a good idea. It’s clear from the comments, and comments I get on Twitter, Facebook, and on other articles, that people have greatly differing opinions on this. Whether or not you can — or want to — be friends with your ex is up to you. It depends on your unique situation. If you do want to, however, simply saying, “Hey, let’s be friends” isn’t often enough. You […]

Friendship with the Ex: Yes or No?

  Good news: I finally released the 2nd edition of Dating the Divorced Man. It’s got all the useful information from the first edition, but I reworked it and added more examples and material based on everything I learned from coaching clients. A satisfying endeavor to finish that, for sure! One of the topics I address in the book is friendship with an ex. After all, every separated and divorced man has an ex. And exes you were married to […]

Help! My Husband’s Ex is Driving Me Crazy!!

  Dear Christie, I read your book on dating the divorced man and boy you had some great points! I have never been married, always held out until I met the man I was always meant to find. Unfortunately he found someone else first, eloped and married a horrible person. She left him, and the marriage, before I had ever arrived. Then when I entered the picture, she decided to take their 2 kids and move them across the country […]

A Separated Man Broke My Heart – Was I the Rebound Girl?

  Hello Dr. Hartman, I recently read your book, Dating the Divorced Man. It was very helpful and validated all that I’ve been through, and my only complaint is that I found it too late. Six months ago, I met a man at a coffee shop I don’t even usually go to. We started talking, then left the coffee shop and talked until 4 am. It turned out he travels to Chicago (where I live) from a town about 4 hours away, […]

Widower Won’t Remarry Because His Kids Don’t Approve…

I met the sweetest woman last night. She was in her 60s and has been dating an older man for 6 years. They have lots in common, shared values, and he calls her every day. The problem? He doesn’t want to remarry because his kids don’t approve. And he’s a gentle man who doesn’t like to rock the boat. And you thought trying to get a man to marry you was a problem only younger women have! So, during this […]