Women, Men, and Street Harassment: The 10-Hour Experiment

Well, it seems these days I write quite a bit on controversial topics: the Ray Rice situation, the Santa Barbara shootings… I used to avoid such topics, knowing that they inflame people and generate a lot of rather disgusting comments that make the rest of us doubt the decency of humanity. But now I feel differently. Someone has to be the voice of reason with controversial issues, and that’s something I’m good at. What’s the Controversy Du Jour? The video […]

Where are the Best Places to Meet Single People?

Where to meet single men and women is one of the more common questions I get. And it makes sense – as large and populous as our planet is, most of us spend most of our time in the same one or two places and we interact with the same handful of people every day. If your workplace or condo building isn’t filled with single people, you have to go out to meet people. The question is, where? In theory, […]

When it Comes to Dating, Do Women Have it Easier than Men?

The other day I was talking to male friend about dating, and we started talking about approaching women. Let’s face it: approaching an attractive stranger is about as tough as dating gets. Getting good at it is like getting your black belt in dating. But he said something interesting. He said that guys are under a lot of pressure to approach women, not knowing if the woman is going to be open to talking or not, and that women don’t […]