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Happy Friday, my friends. Since I know many of you date online, I like to throw in some articles on online dating from time to time. And, because I just finished my latest book, Find The Love of Your Life Online, I found some interesting online dating stats to share with you all.

Now that online dating is completely mainstream and continuing to grow in popularity, people – including scientists and academics – are starting to quantify who dates online and how. Some of the information won’t surprise most of you, but some of it will.

Here is a link to some interesting stats from WebPersonalsOnline, but I will discuss of few of the highlights here:

  • Notice the percentages of female subscribers on the sites, with the highest being Chemistry at 71.8%, followed by eHarmony (68.6%), Match (55%), and Yahoo Personals (48.6%). So the guys who complain that online dating doesn’t work because there are way more men than women online will have to find a new excuse… or reconsider which site they belong to.
  • Note that the sites with the most females are match-based sites. These sites require you to fill out a long questionnaire (something many men don’t like) and choose your matches for you rather than allowing you to browse freely for who you want. eHarmony in particular is known for people looking to get married rather than hook up or date casually.
  • Match-based sites have higher subscription fees. Makes sense — someone has to pay for whoever developed the assessment battery and matching algorithms. All the sites’ fees decrease if you sign up for longer periods.
  • While you might assume the Boomer generation would be less inclined to date online since they didn’t grow up in the Information Age, in fact they are quite active online and online dating is the #1 way the 50-and-wiser crowd meets other singles. As you can see from the stats, they are the fastest growing online dating demographic.


In a separate article from the University of Rochester:

  • The percentage of couples who meet online is up to about 1 in 4 and still on the rise.
  • Online dating is second only to meeting through friends as the most common way to meet.
  • Men are 40% more likely to email a woman than women are to email a man. Not surprising, although that number isn’t as high as I would have thought. Women DO email men, even if not as often…
  • Scientists cast a wary eye on the “scientific” methods match-based sites like eHarmony use. We have no evidence if the matching algorithms stand up to empirical testing, and we can’t test that because these are private companies and thus their algorithms are proprietary.

I’ll keep you posted when I hear more…