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Good morning, Intellectual Badasses, and Welcome to Day 29. We’re close to wrapping up our 30-Day IB journey, and we’ve covered a LOT of ground. But we haven’t yet spent much time talking specifically about a particular strain of Intellectual Badass. As you know, the title of Intellectual Badass also includes those who are technically inclined. Which means it includes you engineers out there.

I ran across an amusing article entitled “Engineers Explained.” Although the scope of the article went beyond dating topics, many of the points pertained to dating when you’re an engineer, or, conversely, dating an engineer. Here are a few highlights:

“In contrast to “normal” people, engineers have rational objectives for social interactions:”

  • Get it over with as soon as possible.
  • Avoid getting invited to something unpleasant.
  • Demonstrate mental superiority and mastery of all subjects.

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”

“Clothes are the lowest priority for an engineer, assuming the basic thresholds for temperature and decency have been satisfied.”

“Male engineers reach their peak of sexual attractiveness later than normal men, becoming irresistible erotic dynamos in their mid thirties to late forties.”


Based on my many experiences with engineers, the article (while meant to be funny), doesn’t fall too far from the truth. However, I’d like to hear your perspective, especially you engineers. I know I have some female engineers who subscribe as well – what say you?

You can read the article here: Engineers Explained


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