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Good morning, Intellectual Badasses! Guess what? It’s Day 30 – which means that, after today, your email inbox will no longer be inundated with daily musings from yours truly. We’ve covered a lot of topics in this campaign, and it’s been fun, intellectually stimulating, and a good learning experience. If you missed anything or want to review what we’ve covered, here is a menu of the 30-day campaign, with links to each article.

I plan to continue offering dating advice for Intellectual Badasses, and this blog will be devoted primarily to that topic. I already have new topics planned for future blogs, and already have questions from readers that need answering. I will continue posting, but only 1-2 times per week. I encourage all of you to join in the conversation and leave a comment, offer a suggestion for blog topics or themes, or email me with a specific question you’d like me to address on the blog (drchristiehartman@gmail.com).

A few other announcements:

  • I’m thinking about starting a Facebook page devoted to dating for IBs. It would be a place to share IB-related posts, articles, jokes, etc. I’m already doing that to some extent on my personal Facebook page, but I’d like to create a community for just IBs. Sound good?
  • I’m also on Twitter (@DenverDateDr). If you message me, I’ll follow you, put you on my “friends” list, and we can share one another’s messages.
  • I’m close to publishing an online dating book for women: How To Meet Mr. Right ONLINE. I will keep you posted on those details, as well as some special offers…
  • I’m lining up ideas for the next book or series of books. Do you have requests or issues you feel need to be addressed in a book? Now’s the time to offer your input…

Hope you enjoyed the campaign. I got a lot of good comments on the blogs, as well as many private emails and other comments from you. I think we’re on to something good here, so let’s continue it. Happy Day 30, and see you next week!