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Welcome to Day 24, Intellectual Badasses. I don’t know about you, but I say we move on from online dating for a while and finish out this campaign with some specific IB topics we haven’t covered yet.

There are many Intellectual Badasses who, to varying degrees, fall into the Geek or Nerd category. Of course, if you search on the definition of either term, you will find there is NO consensus whatsoever. In my mind, Geek refers to all that’s technical or to any special obsession, and Nerd refers to all that’s scientific or sci-fi. But, really, there’s considerable overlap between the two. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a nerd. I love science and science fiction, and while I’ve never been to any event that ends in “Con,” that will change this October.

I think most of us now recognize that Nerd- and Geekdom have become more mainstream.  This is the information age, where science and tech knowledge dictates industry and shows like Big Bang Theory are as popular as Seinfeld was. Chances are, this will continue. However, I’ve found that some people don’t really embrace their geek or nerd side, and even find the terms distasteful. Often, this is because they associate the words from experiences that happened long ago, before Bill Gates, before Geekdom became the new cool. Many IBs were made fun of criticized at some juncture in their lives (often childhood) for the very things that make them great:

  • Their brains (and good grades)
  • Having spent more time studying than partying or having sex
  • Their love of science and tech
  • Their love of science fiction, fantasy, and comics
  • Playing video games instead of sports
  • Reading too much instead of playing outside

You get my point. And while you can say that was “long ago,” sometimes you hold on to those negative associations and don’t embrace who you are or the new age we live in. It’s like the girl who was chubby growing up, became thin, but still feels like the “fat girl.” Or the boy who was super shy in high school, isn’t so shy anymore, but still sees himself as the kid none of the girls paid attention to. I know a lot of amazing, impressive people who do this. It impacts their confidence, and that impacts their dating prospects.

It’s time to shed those negative associations and form new ones. You developed certain mental habits to handle criticism or shit-slinging; now it’s time to break those habits and form new ones that jive with the environment you’re in now. Embrace your inner geek or nerd by recognizing how your IB traits have benefitted you, and still do. Join up with other IBs to build solidarity and confidence in whatever makes you YOU. You’re a successful adult now – own it.


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