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Good morning, Intellectual Badasses! It’s Day 22, and today we will continue on with online dating, and how to find like-minded people online. This is no easy task, considering the sheer volume of people dating online, not to mention the rather large continuum in terms of quality.

How do you weed through them all and find your fellow IBs, or at least people who will appreciate your Intellectual Badassness? This article will offer some suggestions:

Be as specific as possible in your profile. As I talked about on Day 21, the less generic and more detailed your profile, the better. Be sure to mention those things that will draw your people to you: strong political or religious beliefs, your career details, books you LOVE, TV shows/movies you LOVE, places you’ve traveled, hobbies you put time and money into, what stokes your passions (non-sexual of course).

Focus less on stats. Many online daters get caught up in a person’s stats (height, body type, income, etc). Forget about this stuff and focus on important things, like whether they want kids and what they say in their write-up.

Women: email men. Don’t wait for guys to come to you. They have a lot of profiles to weed through and only so much time, and they grow tired of emailing women who don’t respond. Choose men whose criteria you fit. Not all of them will respond, but many will.

Increase your odds of getting a response. When you email, you want to keep the email brief and simple, but you want to attempt to connect with the person by mentioning something specific you liked in their profile or something you have in common. Did they mention they love Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones? Mention that you love it too. Did they go to an Ivy League school like you did? Worth a mention.

Look for signs of IBness. Although not required, it never hurts to try and find a fellow IB. Scan their occupation: do they work in an IB field? Do they use big words? Do they describe themselves like a potential IB? For example, I once met an IB online who described himself as analytical and introspective. Those aren’t words you often see in an online profile.

Try a niche dating site. There are many niche dating sites that cater to IBs. That’s what tomorrow’s post is about.

These methods, as with any method of selecting people online, won’t always work. But they increase your odds of finding someone you at least enjoy talking to, and hopefully want to see again. Take a chance. It’s just a meet-and-greet, not a commitment.

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