Christie offers reasonably-priced,

1-on-1 coaching services!


For Women Dating Separated or Divorced Men 

Dating separated and divorced men can come with big challenges you won’t see in other relationships. How do I know? I’ve been there!

When I wrote Dating the Divorced Man, I wanted to provide advice and support to these women, many of whom had nowhere else to go for answers. But let’s face it: a book can only offer so much help. Sometimes you need more.

That’s why, five years ago, I began offering consultations. In those years, I’ve found that while every woman’s circumstances differ, there are certain themes and dynamics I see over and over again. And sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down and hashing out the issues 1-on-1 with a real expert who can get to the root of the problem quickly. Yes, separated and divorced men have a lot on their minds (and their plates) – but you have needs too, and you deserve to have them met.

After the consult, my clients walk away with a plan of action and a renewed sense of control over their relationships. Clients have often made big shifts in how they think about and handle their relationships, and feel armed with the knowledge they need to either make things work with their partners, or move on.

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The consultation includes:

- A full assessment of your unique situation: your relationship, your partner, and your partner’s situation

- The Baggage Test, to assess how complicated your situation is

- A 90-minute, 1-on-1 phone session

- Follow-up sessions can be arrange, if needed


Online Dating Profile Makeovers

Let’s face it: online dating isn’t easy. To get off on the right foot, you need a good profile that conveys your unique self while maximizing your options. And I’ve seen enough dating profiles to know what works and what doesn’t.

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For Men 

Whether you’re newly divorced and dipping your toe back into the waters, highly introverted and unclear how to meet women, or simply looking for some perspective from someone who understands the dating challenges men face, I offer coaching sessions over the phone. This is a great way to problem solve and get some questions answered in a comfortable, confidential environment. See the contact form below for more information…


Other Details:

- Sessions are done over the phone (or, if preferred, over email or Skype) at a time that fits into your schedule

- For convenience, all payments are done over PayPal

- Consults are completely confidential



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