Christie offers one-on-one coaching in the following areas:

  • Coaching for women dating separated and divorced men
  • Coaching for men and women looking to improve their dating lives or problem-solve a dating or relationship challenge


Coaching for Women Dating Separated and Divorced Men

Dating separated and divorced men can come with big challenges you won’t see in other relationships. How do I know? I’ve been there!

When I wrote Dating the Divorced Man, I wanted to provide the advice and support to these women. But let’s face it: a book can only offer so much help. Sometimes you need more.

That’s why I began offering consults back in 2009. Every woman’s circumstances differ, and sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down and hashing out the issues 1-on-1 with an expert who can get to the root of the problem quickly. Yes, separated and divorced men have a lot on their minds (and their plates) – but you have needs too, and you deserve to have them met.

With the consult, my clients walk away with a plan of action and a renewed sense of hope for their dating situation. Clients have often made big shifts in how they think about and handle their relationships, and feel confident in moving forward and getting the relationship they really want.


How the process works:

I’ll have you fill out a form where you tell me all about you, your partner, and your relationship, including those things that challenge you most. I read over all of it before we meet, allowing us to spend our consultation time focusing on brainstorming solutions.


The consultation includes:

– A full assessment of your unique situation: your relationship, your partner, and your partner’s situation

– The Baggage Test, to assess how complicated your situation is

– A 60-minute, 1-on-1 phone session

– Cost: $149

– If you need to talk again in the future, whether next week or a year from now, follow-up sessions are only $100 for 60 minutes


Other details:

– Sessions are done over the phone or Skype

– For convenience, all payments are done over PayPal

– Questions? Contact Christie at


Dating and Relationship Coaching for Men and Women

Dating can be a real challenge, one of the biggest challenges we face in life. Sometimes it helps to get the point of view of an expert who can offer some advice and perspective.

I’ve worked with many men and women on a variety of issues, including online dating profile and strategy, where to meet their kind of singles, and trouble-shooting a difficult relationship. I specialize in introverts and intellectual badasses, but I’ve worked with all kinds of people. If you’ve read my books and blog and like my vibe, I guarantee I’ll like yours. I love helping people succeed. It’s what I do.

As far as pricing and structure goes, I keep it simple. I offer an initial consult, where I gather information about your dating situation and history, look it over, and then we talk via phone or Skype. Then, if follow-up is needed, whether the following week or a year later, we can schedule that on an as-needed basis.



– Initial consultations are $125 for 60 minutes

– Follow-up sessions are $100 for 60 minutes

– Once you’ve had an initial consult with me, anytime after that if you want a session with me, you pay the follow-up rate, even if it’s years later and you’re facing an entirely new problem.

– Questions? Contact Christie at