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Divorced? Ready to Get Back in the Dating Game?

If there’s ever a time to feel unsure about dating, it’s after a divorce. After all, you’ve been off the market for years, you’ve had your world turned upside down, and a marriage that didn’t work out can feel like the opposite of success. Fortunately, divorce represents a fresh start, a chance to meet new women, have some fun, and, eventually, find that great woman who is better for you than your ex could ever be.

Back In The Game offers dating advice and tips for men who are divorced. Whether married 2 years or 20, you can get back in the dating game in no time and meet your kind of women.


“There is no other book out there that guides divorced men like Back In The Game does. Another great book for men from Christie.”


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Dating Advice for Women Navigating the Jungles of Online Dating!

The number of couples who met online is close to 25%… and increasing every day. This means that, YES, you CAN meet the right guy online! However, finding him means avoiding the numerous online dating pitfalls that so many women fall into. In her fourth dating book, Dr. Christie Hartman shares with women the secrets to avoiding these pitfalls. Chock full of straightforward advice and real-life examples, Find The Love of Your Life Online offers women a much-needed guide map to navigate the jungles of online dating and find the right guy.


“If you date online at all, get this book!”
Lisa Darsonval, owner of Santa Barbara Matchmaking

“I LOVED this book. It felt like I was reading advice from a super-qualified friend who knew me well.”

“This book should be required reading for any woman dating online.”

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Straightforward Dating Advice for Single Men

Standing out among a sea of pickup guides dispensing silly tactics, Changing Your Game offers straightforward advice to men who are single, divorced, or simply ready to become a Dating Badass. Described as “intelligent” and “a great investment,” Changing Your Game shows men what it takes to succeed with women while still being themselves.


“And I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I am having meeting and talking with women. Christie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“This is a must-read for all single men.”
Bela Gandhi, owner of Smart Dating Academy

“Genuinely innovative dating advice and dating tips for men…”
John, a reader

“A respectful and intelligent approach to women and dating.”
G, single dad


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Dating a Separated or Divorced Man? You Need This Book!

The groundbreaking, tremendously successful Dating the Divorced Man leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the numerous challenges that come with dating divorced men, and includes advice on dating separated men, men going through divorce, men with children, as well as dealing with ex-wives, family, financial challenges, and emotional baggage. In its 2nd edition, with even more wisdom and case examples!


“Thanks so much for your book. It really, really helped…. it gives much needed perspective.”
Karen, dating a divorcing man

“This book is a MUST READ for anyone considering dating a man who is either separated, divorcing, divorced, or still married but shopping for a girlfriend.”
Selena, dating a separated man

“Your book really saved me…. “
Colleen, dating a divorced dad

“Well thought out, organized, and very insightful!”
Jim, divorced dad


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Are You Making One of Women’s Top 10 Dating Mistakes?

Have you found the guy for you? If not, you’re probably making one of women’s Top 10 Dating Mistakes! From the pitfalls of a “suck” attitude to the perils of ignoring Red Flags, Dr. Christie’s book uncovers the biggest mistakes that prevent you from finding the man of your dreams! Research-based and packed with good advice, It’s Not Him, It’s YOU skips the fluff and gives you the recipe for success with men! 


“Throughout, Hartman puts responsibility squarely on the woman reading, a tough-love strategy assuaged with doses of compassion and empathy, and sweetened by the promise of empowerment, independence and self-knowledge.”
Publishers Weekly

“Read it for yourselves, I can guarantee you will like it – it gives some great insight into the dating scene and what really matters in finding yourself and ultimately the right one for you. Thanks Christie!”

“You will NEVER have to get another relationship book!”