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Welcome to the blog! Thanks for joining in. This is a place to learn and exchange ideas, so feel free to join in the conversation and express your views, whether you agree or disagree with what gets discussed. However, there are a few ground rules:

Rule #1. If you insult or otherwise disrespect me or the other commenters, your comments – and any future comments from you – will go straight into the trash. If you disagree with something or someone, simply say so and present your arguments without being disrespectful.

Rule #2. This blog seeks to help people understand their fellow humans and succeed with them. It also caters to both sexes and seeks to create an environment both sexes feel comfortable in. Thus, male or female bashing will not be tolerated and such comments will be trashed. If your comment isn’t trash-worthy but still seeks to blame the other sex for your dating problems, expect to be challenged. If that doesn’t sit well with you, this isn’t the place for you.

Rule #3. It’s fine, even encouraged, for you to share your website when you comment, which lets others know about your business, books, products, or services. However, if you only push your goods and don’t add to the conversation, we’ll assume you’re spam and treat you accordingly.

Enjoy the blog!