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Starting August 1st, 2012, I will launch a new blog campaign: 30 Days of Dating Advice for Intellectual Badasses (IBs). I am psyched about this and look forward to all of you joining in the conversation! Here are the details:


What’s an Intellectual Badass, Anyway?

Intellectual Badass: noun. 1) A person with a penchant for science, computers, books, science fiction, or other specialty area involving heavy use of the intellect. 2) A bright, kick-ass person.

IBs are smart, intellectual people. They love to learn. They love an intellectual challenge. They may be scientifically oriented or technically inclined. They may be literary and love books, whether reading them or writing them. They may be quiet, shy, or introverted. They may have a proclivity for science fiction, fantasy, and gaming. Finally, they may even have a closet geeky or nerdy side, like I do!

If this sounds anything like you – and you’re single and looking to increase your dating IQ – you’ve come to the right place!


Why Dating Advice for IBs?

Let’s face it: dating is perennial challenge for all single people. As a single IB, you have plenty of dating strengths… but you probably also have one or more dating-related challenges. Here are just a few examples of things IB’s struggle with when dating:

  • Owning their unique brilliance. Every IB has something spectacular and unique about him or her. Your challenge in dating is to own it and make it work FOR you, not AGAINST you. Yes, you can be your awesome self and still attract worthwhile people!
  • IBs are bright. Whether you’re generally brilliant or astute in a particular area, it’s important to find a partner you can relate to you and who appreciates your brand of intellectual badass-ness.  With the right tools, you can!
  • Online dating can be a challenge for IBs. In the daunting, unpredictable world of online dating, singles often put more emphasis on others’ hotness, height, or income rather than on attributes that actually predict relationship success. In this environment, the IB may struggle to find like-minded people or have their awesomeness recognized. But there are clever ways around this obstacle!
  • Some IBs are shy or introverted. Dating is always a challenge, but especially for the quiet or shy person. Ever feel ridiculous approaching a cute guy or girl? Ever been labeled “stuck up” or “unapproachable,” when you’re neither? I know I have. Yes, there are ways around this too!
  • Some IBs struggle with their social skills. Having invested much time and energy in their intellectual pursuits, the IB’s social and dating skills may need sharpening. Do you have a hard time “reading” the other sex? Are you not getting dates or callbacks? Do you inadvertently offend or annoy others? Do people just not “get” you? If you answered yes to any of these, learning some new skills can change the game for you!
  • So many more. Join us and find out!

What’s on the Agenda?

Starting August 1, we will cover many dating topics that will help Intellectual Badasses find the dating success they deserve. Some of these topics include:

  • The importance of dating mindset for the IB, and why most of your dating success is determined before you ever go on a date!
  • The many tribulations online dating, and what the IB can do to overcome them.
  • How one of the IB’s greatest assets – the intellect – can be your greatest liability in dating.
  • The difference between intellectual skills and dating/social skills, why the latter is a far better predictor of dating success, and what you can do to improve yours.
  • Where IBs can meet other singles… and how to approach and talk to them.
  • And much more!

See you all August 1!